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Hello and welcome! We're Cory and Joelle Teal, the husband and wife founders of Gaming Bastion, and we started this site to share with you the joy of games. We're committed to helping you find the perfect games and gear, whether you're looking for new challenges for your strategy gaming group, the best equipment for your family rec room, or new lawn games for outdoor fun.

Whether you've been playing ping pong and pool since childhood and have shelves overflowing with  games or you're searching for a new way to bring  family and friends together but don't know where to start in the world of modern board games, we're here to help.

We're dedicated to creating comprehensive game & gear guides, detailed reviews, and in-depth advice and information to help guide you --our fellow game enthusiasts-- in your gaming journey.

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Cory Teal

Cory's love of gaming goes back to the basement rec room days of early childhood, where he learned his enduring pool skills from his dad. Through his college years, Cory pursued pool and poker, joined an ultimate frisbee team, and spent hours playing video games, ping pong, and darts with friends.

Nowadays, Cory spends much of his free time with a regular strategy gaming group, where he loves complex 4X, legacy, dungeon crawler, deck builder, and Eurostyle games as well as anything with a good pirate theme. Current favorites include Zombicide: Black Plague, Scythe, Edge of Darkness, Space Base, and Splendor.

Joelle Teal

Joelle's gaming tendencies have leaned towards board, card, and video games since her childhood years of cutthroat family Hearts games and high school Super Smash Bro tournaments. Meeting Cory in college, she learned some pool and darts, and their mutual love of lawn games resulted in a wedding with giant Jenga, corn hole, bocce, and ladder golf strewn about the venue grounds.

As part of the same strategy gaming group, Joelle adores deck building/card crafting, engine building, tile laying, Eurostyle, and worker placement games, especially those with unique or gorgeous artwork. She's also a fan of trivia games and the occasional ridiculous party game. Current favorites include Mystic Vale, Scythe, Euphoria, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Dice Forge, and Tzolk'in.

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