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The 12 Best Pool Cue Brands in 2021 to Take your Billiards Game to New Heights

Discover Top Pool Sticks from the Best Pool Cue Brands on the Market

Shopping for a new pool cue can be a truly overwhelming process, especially if you aren’t familiar with all that goes into making pool sticks. Things like wood type for the shaft, butt, and forearm, tip and ferrule selection, joint type and materials used for the joint, what kind of wrap is used, and more all go into creating a top quality pool cue.

Don’t fret, though; we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the best pool cue brands on the market to make your search easier. You can be confident that any and all of the brands on this list will make fine quality cues that will perform at a high level.

Many of these companies have devoted their work to masterful cue craftmanship. They feature the finest wood and materials that are worked and shaped with care and skill, all coming together into truly stunning cues.

A lot of these companies use cutting edge technology in their shops to ensure that the pool sticks you get from them will play superbly from day one and will last for years. Several of these companies even back their work up with lifetime warranties for defects and warping so you know that the product you are getting won’t fail you when you need it most.

This best pool cue brands list is intended for those who are more familiar with the game and know how to play. Most of these companies tailor to intermediate and advanced players all the way up to professionals.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pool cue to get started you can find more options in our Best Pool Sticks list, which ranges from cues for beginners and intermediate players, but also includes a few cues for professionals.

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Top Picks for Best Pool Cue Brands

Schon Cues

Schon CX02 Pool Cue

Lucasi Pool Cues

Lucasi Custom Rengas and Curly Maple Pool Cue with Bocote Banded Rings, 19-Ounce

Predator Cues

Predator Sport 2 Ice No Wrap Pool Cue w/314-3 Shaft

12. Players Pool Cues

Players 58' 2-Piece North American Hard Maple Billiard Pool Cue Stick, Cobalt Blue, 20.5oz

Players Pool Cues are a popular name in the billiards world and consistently rank as one of the most popular brands in the United States. This company focuses on quality products but also put a lot of effort into making their cues very visually appealing. You’ll find lots of colors, fine woods, and intricate inlays come together for a very nice looking stick that will perform wonderfully.

These pool sticks are very affordable cues for intermediate and advanced players so you can rest assured knowing you’ll get a good quality cue without breaking the bank. This is a great choice to go with for someone wanting to step up into a higher tier of cue but still stay within a budget. Grab a Players pool cue today for quality craftmanship, one of the best pool cue brands at a lower price point.

✅ Great cue at a great price? Players Cues won’t have some of the top end options for cue technology like some of the other companies will
✅ Offers many quality cues that are very well-designed and visually appealing, ones that will really stand out

11. Balabushka Cues

Balabushka GB9 Billiard Pool Cue Birdseye Maple, Four Point African Ebony Splice with Beautiful African Ebony Veneers
Balabushka GB21 Pool Cue: Birdseye Maple Forearm, 4-Point African Ebony Splice w/Four Traditional Bushka Color veneers w/Orange & Green in Reversed Order
Balabushka GBT Era Cue: Wrapless! This cue Features The “Titlist” Color Scheme...Purple, Teal, Mahogany

Balabushka Cues, originally created by George Balabushka, are a creation from a man who loved woodworking and playing pool and decided to merge the two in what became truly masterful craftmanship.

The Balabushka name is now licensed by Adam Custom Cues but the tradition continues. This brand focuses heavily on using the best quality materials that come together into a truly superb product. Stainless steel joints, Irish linen wraps, and maple hardwood paired with other exotic woods all guarantee that this cue will feel great and perform even better.

Balabushka was a name synonymous with excellence and Adam Custom Cues carry on that tradition today. Pick up one of these today and know that your cue will look, feel, and perform great for years to come.

✅ Created by a master craftsman and continued by a company that focuses on excellence? Cues are no longer made by Balabushka or his family, just the name is carried on by Adam Custom Cues
✅ Balabushka cues use the finest woods and top quality components to produce a professional cue that looks and plays great
✅ You can rest easy knowing that you’re getting one of the best pool cue brands out there today

10. Jacoby Custom Cues

No products found.

Founded back in 1982, Jacoby Custom Cues was started and continues to be run by a father/son team of pool cue craftsmen out of their shop in Wisconsin. They focus on the latest technology and using advanced techniques to create a superior product.

Jacoby cues focuses on the use of unique and exotic woods sourced from all over the world for their pool sticks which give a Jacoby a special look to them that you may not get with other companies. They are meticulously planned and designed and then handcrafted for excellence. Cues from here also feature high performance shafts that will help you strike the ball cleaner and truer.

If you want a top quality professional cue that looks great and plays wonderfully, then you can’t go wrong with Jacoby. Their cues can be pricier than others, but they stand by their craftmanship and their performance. You can play confidently with a Jacoby custom cue knowing that you are wielding one of the best pool cue brands out there.

✅ Top quality maple wood and exotic woods from across the world ensure Jacoby cues look great and play superbly? Be prepared for a higher price point to get Jacoby’s exotic woods, technology, and craftmanship
✅ Cues feature high performance shafts to strike clean and true and feel great while doing it
✅ Family owned and operated company since 1982

9. OB Cues

OB Cues - OB-128 - 19.0 oz
OB Cues - OB-131 - 20.0 oz

OB Cues was founded by Don Owen and Royce Bunnell in 2005 after the two of them became close while playing on the same pool team. They now run a shop in Texas creating top end pool cues and have made a name for themselves as one of the best pool cue brands, focusing on quality and cutting edge technology to create a masterful product.

What makes OB cues different from a lot of other companies is how they craft their cues using multiple layers of laminated wood instead of one solid piece. They believe this makes the sticks stronger, more durable, and more stable during play than other cues. These cues are designed to have a very low cue ball deflection as well. All cues are back by their lifetime warranty against warpage.

OB cues are very balanced and feel very good in the hand when playing with them. They give you a good feel to your shot and are very accurate. Pick up an OB cue today for a pool stick that plays great and will last through many years of playing at the highest level.

✅ Cue is made from layers of laminated wood for increased durability and stability? OB cues may not look as nice or flashy as other brands
✅ Backed by a lifetime warranty against warpage
✅ Very balanced cues across the board

8. Joss Cues

Joss USA Cues JOS57 Pool Cue Billiards Stick 18 19 20 21 oz + Hard CASE
Guudsoud Joss Cues - JOS01 - Includes Case - 19oz
Joss USA Cues JOS52 Pool Cue Billiards Stick 18 19 20 21 oz + Hard CASE

Another US-based company, Joss Cues has been family owned and operated since they started in 1968. They offer some of the best pool cues for advanced players with their line of designs but also will work with you to custom tailor a cue to your exact preferences and needs.

The Joss brand focuses on using the best hardwoods for their cues and pair them with fine quality woods from across the globe to put their own unique flair on their product. Their cues will strike cleanly and consistently and will last for many years. Weight options range from 18-21oz so no matter what your preference you can find a cue for you.

Pick up a Joss cue today for a beautiful cue made with the highest quality materials from one of the best pool cue brands. Or contact the company to custom make your own unique, one-of-a-kind pool cue that will elevate you to new heights and will be the talk of the table.

✅ Prestigious family-owned company? While this company still gives great quality, you won’t find as much cutting edge technology in the cue industry
✅ Buy one of their designs or work with them to get a custom cue? Be prepared to pay a premium for a top quality custom pool stick
✅ Quality materials and craftmanship in every aspect of the cue

7. Meucci Cues

Meucci SB3-R Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick w/PRO Shaft - Red + Hard CASE

Meucci Cues, designed and started by Bob Meucci, craft their cues from their factory in Mississippi. They’re a very popular brand, one of the best professional cues in the game.

Cues from Meucci are designed to give a softer hit with very little ball deflection. Consistency is a big factory in how they make their pool sticks; you know you’ll get a product that will perform well day 1 and will continue to perform for years to come. Meucci thinks cues should give good power to shots without having to exert a lot of effort, so their cues are designed to support this.

Grab a Meucci cue today and know that you will be playing one of the more popular cue brands for advanced players and professionals. They’re made with quality materials for top quality performance. Buy a Meucci and you’ll be playing one of the best pool cue brands.

✅ Quality brand designed by a quality pool player? You’ll get an incredible cue but may not be getting the latest and greatest in technology
✅ Designed to give power with less effort and to give a softer, smoother feel to each strike? Not everyone may like the softer feel to the cue

6. McDermott Pool Cues

McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit
McDermott Lucky L17 Pool Cue
McDermott NG07 Stinger Pool Billiards Breaking/Jumping Cue Stick

McDermott got its start back in 1975 and continues to manufacture quality pool cues from their factory in Wisconsin. They use top end materials and cutting edge technology for a cue that both feels and looks great. When you play with a McDermott pool stick you know you’ve got a top end cue that you can rely on.

McDermott Cues source and use North American Hard Rock Maple for all of their cue shafts and then pair it with the fine woods from around the world for the rest of the cue.

They offer their cues with two types of shafts: the G-Core Shafts feel more like true wood shafts but use carbon fiber technology for a superior product, while their top end cues feature the Intimidator I-Shaft to maintain the highest accuracy at all speeds and for greater control over the power and spin rate when striking the cue ball.

McDermott has over 40 years of experience crafting fine pool cues and are deserving of a spot in our best pool brands list. Pick up a McDermott cue if you’re looking for a great pool cue for advanced players that’s made from top quality materials and features advanced carbon fiber shafts for greater control.

✅ Advanced technology make up their G-Core and Intimidator Shafts? The high end Intimidator shafts only come on their highest tier cues
✅ North American Hard Rock Maple and other fine exotic woods make for an expertly crafted pool cue

5. Mezz Cues

No products found.

Mezz Cues, manufactured and based in Japan, offer up some stunning looks pool cues in their different series. Known for their signature United Joint, these cues fit together extremely well and will give a clean, solid feel when striking the ball.

Mezz claims that their United Joint is the most precise joint system in the world. Their cues offer accuracy, performance, and precision second to none. You won’t have to worry about striking the ball cleanly with a Mezz pool cue. Advanced technology throughout each component come together for a truly special cue.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous looking cue stick that will be on the forefront of technology, then you can’t go wrong with a Mezz pool cue, clearly one of the best pool cue brands out there today. They look amazing, feel great, and perform unbelievably well. And it’s all backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

✅ Top end technology throughout the cue will help you play at the top of your game? Be prepared for a higher price point for this fine quality pool stick
✅ United Joint offers a precise, snug fit that will give you clean hits and a very solid feel to your shots
✅ Cues are backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

4. Pechauer Custom Cues

Pechauer JP17-Q Pool cue with Adjustable Weight and Free Soft case
Pechauer JP08-Q Pool cue with Adjustable Weight and Free Soft case

Founded by Joe Pechauer and located in Wisconsin, Pechauer Custom Cues offers up a fine selection of custom, handmade pool cues that rival the best on the market. Anyone who plays with one of these cues knows that they’re playing with a pool stick from one of the best pool cue brands in the world.

Pechauer cues use Bird’s-Eye and Curly Maple Hardwood cut on their own sawmill in Wisconsin to start their product. They then pair it with exotic woods of many colors found across the globe to make their truly unique pool cues. All parts are hand-crafted and machined in house before being expertly assembled and finished by Pechauer’s craftsmen.

This company prides itself on offering custom made cues that perform superbly, with a great attention to detail and the finer points. You can get cues with low deflection and carbon fiber shafts, or the more traditional wooden shafts as well. Add a Pechauer custom cue to your collection and enjoy elevating your playing to a new level in style.

✅ Locally sourced and cut hardwood as a base, paired with exotic woods for a gorgeous looking product? A high attention to detail and to their craft, but aren’t at the cutting edge of technology for cues like some other companies
✅ Choice of wooden shaft, low deflection shaft, or carbon fiber shafts in their cues

3. Predator Cues

Predator Sport 2 Ice No Wrap Pool Cue w/314-3 Shaft
Predator 314 3rd Generation Uni-Loc Thin Black Collar Shaft
Predator Sport 2 Ice No Wrap Pool Cue w/314-3 Shaft

Predator cues is headquartered in Florida and runs their operations from there. Crafting cues for more than 25 years, Predator is a name you can trust as one of the best pool cue brands in the industry. This company focuses heavily on making consistent and highly accurate cues, so you know when you play with a Predator that you can rely on it from day one.

The craft of Predator cues also relies on advanced technology to make carbon fiber composite shafts for many of their pool sticks. These low-deflection shafts live true to the company’s high accuracy model, combining with other quality components and master craftsmanship to put out professional cues.

Be prepared to pay more for Predator’s advanced low-deflection composite shafts when you buy one of their cues. That being said, they are definitely worth the money you’ll pay for them, as they’ll strike clean and true and will elevate your game considerably. Buy a Predator today and you’ll be getting one of the best professional pool cues.

✅ Professional level cue with carbon fiber composite shafts with very low deflection? While the carbon fiber composite shafts are really nice, they do cost more than wood shafts
✅ Pool cues are incredibly consistent and highly accurate
✅ Predator continues to push boundaries of technology and quality in the billiards industry

2. Lucasi Pool Cues

Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 Natural Birds-Eye Maple with Blue Crushed Velvet Inlays Technology Cue, 21-Ounce
Lucasi Custom Rengas and Curly Maple Pool Cue with Bocote Banded Rings, 19-Ounce
LUCASI Custom + Hybrid LHC98 Pool Cue Stick - Spliced Low Deflection Shaft, Kamui PRO Tip, Uni-Loc Joint + Soft Case

Coming in at number 2 on our list of the best pool cue brands is Lucasi Pool Cues. This company’s focus is on creating quality pool sticks that are still accessible financially for non-professionals in the game. They offer some of the best pool cues for intermediate players as well as professional pool cues that perform wonderfully and won’t totally break your bank.

Lucasi’s shafts are made from 100% Hard Rock Maple hardwood and are paired with other quality woods from across the world in their cues. They’re all hand crafted in their workshop with a high attention to detail and skill.

Pool sticks from this company feature low deflection shafts and Lucasi’s Uni-Loc quick release joint. They back all their work with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and warpage; they’re one of the only companies to do this.

Lucasi offers a range of the best pool cues for professionals featuring top quality materials and expert craftsmanship at each stage in production. You’ll get a fine cue that is hand built with care and will play wonderfully. All of this is backed by a warranty and featuring a manageable price point comes together to make Lucasi a winning choice for the pool enthusiast or competitive player.

✅ low deflection shafts made from 100% hard rock maple? If you want a carbon fiber shaft then you’ll need to look elsewhere
✅ Handmade with the highest level of skill and care from start to finish? Lucasi cues may have fewer options and less technology backing them than other companies
✅ Backed by a lifetime warranty against defects and warpage

1. Schon Cues

Schon CX33 Pool Cue
Schon CX37 Pool Cue
Schon Pool Cue Stick CX52

Topping our list of the best pool cue brands is Schon Cues. Schon, meaning beautiful in German, was founded by Terry Romine Sr. and Bob Runde in 1981. They quickly made a name for themselves in the pool cue industry and continue to be a name synonymous with quality and craftmanship to this day.

Schon is all about precision cues and they achieve this through an incredible attention to detail in every step of the creation of their product. Each cue is handcrafted by 1 of 5 master craftsmen. They come in a standard 58″ length and a weight range to give all players options.

Schon also prides itself on their cue shafts. They say that each of their shafts are interchangeable, so you can replace a shaft or change out a shaft without any worry about if the new one will fit or not. Coupled with phenolic-lined stainless steel joints, your pool cues should go together quickly and cleanly and play superbly.

If you want to purchase a cue and know that you’re playing with the best pool cue brand then pick up a Schon today. You’ll be playing the top choice of many professionals in the game, as well as countless amateurs and advanced players throughout the world.

✅ Interchangeable shafts and stainless steel joints make for ease of assembling and disassembling cue, as well as ability to exchange shafts easily? Be prepared to pay for quality and technology that go into a Schon cue
✅ Expert craftsmanship from start to finish guarantee you’ll get a top quality product that you can rely on
✅ High attention to skill and detail in creation paired with the finest of materials make a superb cue

Features to Consider when Choosing the Best Pool Cue Brands

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your cue. You want to make sure you’re getting a product from the best pool cue brand and one that will perform well and last a long time. Here are a few features to consider when choosing your cue brand.

If you’re looking for a wider range of pool cue choices as well as great accessories to go with pool cues, check out our post on The Best Pool Cues to Improve your Game.

Shaft Materials/Composition – How the shaft is made is a key component in a quality cue. Do you want a shaft made entirely from hardwood or do you prefer a carbon fiber composite shaft? You can even have composite shafts that give more of the wooden feel to them as well.

The best pool cue brands will offer the highest quality of hardwoods and the latest technology in composite shaft composition.

Joints – You can’t have a top quality 2-piece pool cue without also having quality joints on the pieces. Joints can be made from brass, stainless steel, and other metals, and some are treated to help with the feel when striking the cue ball. Take care when choosing a material that will give you the feel you’re looking for.

Many of the top companies have crafted their own unique joint type to help give the cue a better feel. Some of these focus on the 2 pieces being easy to put together and take apart, while others prioritize a clean fit that won’t wobble or affect your shots.

Tip and Ferrule – It’s not enough to just focus on the shaft and joints, though; the cue tip and ferrule are also vitally important for getting the best cue. Many of these companies give a lot of customization when choosing your cue tip and ferrule so you can make sure you’re getting the setup you want. They all will feature quality tips and ferrules both designed to up your game and get you playing your best.

Do keep in mind that ferrules and tips are usually fairly easy to change out and will need to be replaced more often than the pool stick itself will.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pool Cue Brands

Care must be taken when in the market for a pool cue to make sure you get the right cue you want. Whether you’re a professional striving to be at the top of your game or are a more casual player looking to get more wins in your belt, equipping yourself with a cue from one of the best pool cue brands will help you focus more on your game and less on whether or not your cue will help get you where you want to go.

Pick up a pool cue from one of these top quality companies and then get playing!

Schon Cues

Schon CX02 Pool Cue

Lucasi Pool Cues

Lucasi Custom Rengas and Curly Maple Pool Cue with Bocote Banded Rings, 19-Ounce

Predator Cues

Schon CX02 Pool Cue

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