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The 13 Best Electronic Dart Boards

Searching for the best electronic dart board? We’ve made it easy to choose the best electronic dart board for you, no matter what your needs or budget. Electronic dart boards make a great addition to any game room (and are MUCH safer than traditional darts), and with modern technology, some can create a true arcade through your phone or let you play online with friends around the world!

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In a hurry? Here’s our overall best electronic dart board and a few other great picks!

Overall Best Electronic Dart Board

Sale Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Segment Dividers for Reduced Bounce-Outs and NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability - Available with Optional Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Best App & Online Play

No products found.

Best Budget Electronic Dart Board

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard Sport Size Over 40 Games Auto-Scoring LCD Cricket Display Impact-Tough Target for Lasting Durability and Ultra-Thin Spider for Fewer Bounce Outs with Soft Tip Darts, black, one size

Peruse the categories below to find the best electronic dart board for your family game room, office space, or man cave. Electronic dart boards offer several benefits over traditional bristle dart boards– from safety to auto scoring– and we give an overview of the differences between them as well.

To learn more about what makes a quality electronic dart board and what to look for when shopping, visit our buyer’s guide section. Be sure to read the FAQs (how high should you hang that board?) and the Tips & Tricks section to make life with your best electronic dart board simpler and more enjoyable (ex: how to keep your tips from breaking easily and how to have fewer bounce-outs).

Table of Contents

Best Electronic Dart Boards: ReviewsElectronic Dart Board Information:
Standard/Classic Best Electronic Dart Boards7 Benefits of Electronic Dart Boards
Best Internet & App Connected Electronic Dart BoardsBest Electronic Dart Board Buying Guide: What to Look For
Best Electronic Dart Boards on a BudgetElectronic vs. Bristle (traditional) Dart Boards
Best Electronic Dart Boards with CabinetsElectronic Dart Board Tips & Tricks
Electronic Dart Board FAQ
Common Popular Dart Games

Classic Style Best Electronic Dart Boards

In this category, we’ll review the standard best electronic dart boards. These boards have no cabinets and no internet connectivity; they’re exactly what comes to mind when thinking about a typical electronic dart board. We’ll break down the features of each to help you choose. Our overall best electronic dart board falls into this category as well, so we’ll start there.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800: Overall Best Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Segment Dividers for Reduced Bounce-Outs and NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability - Available with Optional Wood Dartboard Cabinet
  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard regulation 15.5" target area
  • 39 games with 179 variations (seven cricket games)
  • NylonTough segments improve durability and playability
  • Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce outs
  • Up to eight Players with four player jumbo X/O LED score display. The ARACHNID trademark is a registered trademark owned by Arachnid 360 LLC and used by Escalade Sports pursuant to license

With the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800, you’re getting a tournament quality electronic dart board, quality components and manufacturing, and a reputable company that stands behind their products. The Cricket Pro 800 accommodates up to 8 players and is loaded with 39 games and 179 variations, including 7 cricket games.

The score display here is excellent: a large 4 player LED display makes for easy reading, even at a distance, and we always like it when you can see more than just 2 scores at a time. On the 15.5” target area, you’ll get micro-thin segment dividers, square holes, and NylonTough construction, making for a durable board that minimizes bounce outs.

You’ll also get 3 levels of heckling: mild to unforgiving, if that’s your thing (you can turn it off too). The board will track your point per dart for some games, allowing you to keep stats without tracking them yourself. To get you started right away, the Cricket Pro 800 comes with mounting hardware, 6 darts with extra tips, an AC adapter (no battery option on this board), and game instructions to guide you through the different games and variations.

Other features include a selectable bullseye, dart storage on the board, solo play, and a limited 1 year warranty. The included darts are decent but not amazing, but you can always buy better darts if you prefer. The scorekeeping works quite well and tends to be extremely accurate, though some users note the occasional need to press a segment when a dart sticks but is thrown very lightly.

If you’re looking for the classic best electronic dart board, the Cricket Pro 800 is what we recommend, hands down. You may notice there is a 900 version, but honestly, we still think the 800 is the best choice for your money all around; the changes to the 900 don’t seem worth the price jump. Stick to the 800, and you’ll have the best electronic dart board for family and friend game nights!

✅ Quality construction and electronics? Included darts are ok but not great
✅ 8 players (and 5 levels of player vs. computer)? Playing vs. computer seems very challenging, even at the first level
✅ Large 4 player LED display? Flights fall out of darts sometimes (we recommend purchasing quality replacement dart flights)
✅ Consistent, accurate scoring? No internet/app capabilities
✅ 39 Games, 179 variations (7 cricket games)? Heckler and volume turn on by default; cannot be turned off/down until after the board turns on
✅ Ultra Thin segments and square holes for minima bounce-outs
✅ Durable 15.5” target area
✅ Heckler feature

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 – A Step Below the 800

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Dividers - Available with Optional Wood Dartboard Cabinet
  • Tournament Quality Electronic Dartboard regulation 15.5” target area
  • 8 Players, 33 Games, 303 Options
  • NylonTough segments improve durability and playability
  • Micro Thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce outs
  • Computer verbally voice prompt for players to throw

If you’re not looking to spend quite as much as our overall best electronic dart board, the Cricket Pro 800, the 650 is a great, more affordable option. You’ll still get the 15.5” target face, ultra thin segments, square holes, and durable materials, and you’ll have the same basic warranty and included items (AC adapter, 6 darts with extra tips, mounting hardware, game instructions).

While the Cricket Pro 650 can also handle 8 players and boasts a very readable 4 player LED score display, the display is smaller than the 800 model, as it doesn’t have the jumbo cricket display feature. The 3 color cricket display is quite handy, though. There’s no heckler, selectable bullseye, or point per throw dart averaging on the 650, but it does have a player handicap feature and voice prompts to remind players to throw, which the 800 doesn’t have.

The Cricket Pro 650 has 24 games with 132 variations and 5 cricket games, so less than the 800 but still plenty for your average player. You’ll still probably want to upgrade to better darts, just like with every board, and more users seem to notice that darts don’t always register on this board. The scoring accuracy also seems a little less reliable than the 800.

Still, if you want a good quality board without breaking the bank, the Cricket Pro 650 is probably the best electronic dart board for you. You can also purchase this with a standing cabinet.

✅ 15.5” target area? A little less reliable for scoring accuracy and overall electronic quality than the 800
✅ 24 games with 132 variations (5 cricket games)? Score display isn’t particularly durable (so beware if darts frequently hit the display instead of the target area)
✅ 8 players (and solo play with 5 levels against the computer)? Can be difficult to hear/understand the voice feature
✅ Micro Thin segments and square holes for fewer bounce outs? Included darts and tips aren’t great
✅ 4 player LED score display and tricolor cricket display (2 sets)? No selectable bullseye
✅ Player handicap feature? No points per throw averaging
✅ Voice prompt reminds players of their turn to throw? No internet/app capabilities

Viper Ion: Most Unique Gameplay

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard, Illuminated Segments, Light Based Games, Green and Blue Segment Colors, Ultra Thin Spider to Increased Scoring Area
  • illuminated dartboard segments provide a fresh and invigorating darting experience with brand new games while enhancing classic favorites
  • includes 48 games with 315 variations for tons of ways to play, including 17 exclusive light-based games with optional moving target games
  • target-tested tough segments stand up to heavy use and withstand your toughest throws again and again
  • up to 8-player multiplayer ensures that everyone can play and enjoy at the same time or play against a cyber player
  • includes 6 starter darts, extra tips, game instruction manual and mounting instructions

If you’re wanting a unique twist to the classic electronic dart board, Viper Ion just might be the best electronic dart board for you. With its bright blue, green, and white coloring and exclusive light-based games, the Viper Ion is a lot of fun and a great choice for family game rooms.

Up to 8 players can play 48 games with 315 variations, a truly stunning amount of variety; most interesting of all, you’ll get 17 light-based games, where LEDs will light up behind the target area (even some where you’re chasing moving targets), giving you a completely new way to play darts. If you’re on your own, there’s a cyber play mode as well.

You’ll also get a selectable bullseye, handicap most for most games, and the option of battery powered (batteries not included) or plugged in (included). You’ll need to refer to the manual to get used to selecting games, etc, as it’s not the most intuitive, and the darts and tips that come with it really aren’t great. You’ll likely want your own.

The overall quality seems solid on the Ion, and bounce outs tend to be pretty low. With the tremendous game variety, bright coloring, and unique and super fun light games, the Viper Ion is a blast to play and is definitely one of the best electronic boards for family fun.

✅ Colorful and unique? Included darts aren’t great
✅ 48 games, 315 variations? Dart tips break off easily
✅ Unique, creative, and super fun light-based gameplay? Score display isn’t large (and not super durable for errant darts)
✅ 8 Players (and 5 levels of solo vs. computer cyber play)? May need to refer to manual to get used to set up and game selection
✅ Good quality, durable, 15.5” target area target area with ultra thin spider? No stat tracking
✅ Handicaps available on most games? No internet/app capabilities
✅ Selectable bullseye
✅ Battery or plug-in power options

Viper Solar Blast: Best Electronic Dart Board for Large Groups & Parties

Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard Deluxe Size Over 55 Games Overhead 4-Panel Auto-Scoring LED Cricket Display with Impact-Tough Nylon Target for Lasting Durability Fewer Bounce Outs with Soft Tip Darts
  • Top Quality Segments - Regulation-sized 15.5” electronic dart board target area is incredibly durable with precision engineered concave segment holes that lock in your shots
  • Enhanced Scoring Experience - Ultra-thin spider and extended catch ring make hitting your target easy and with automatic scoring you don’t need to worry about keeping track
  • 43 Games for up to 16 Players - Includes popular games like 01, Cricket, and more; with over 180 scoring options and up to 16 player multiplayer
  • Comprehensive Display - Easy to read display shows each players scores clearly so you can read them easily from the throw line
  • Included Accessories - Comes with six starter soft tip darts, throw line, throw line measuring tape, and an AC adapter

Unlike the majority of our best electronic dart boards, the Viper Solar Blast can accommodate up to 16 players. If you’re looking for a board that can handle a very large group, the Viper Solar Blast is undoubtedly the best electronic dart board for you.

Like the others in this category, the Solar Blast has the regulation size 15.5” target area, ultra thin spider, external power supply, included darts (light and not amazing) and mounting hardware.

The LCD display shows 4 player scores, and the fact that it’s above the target area rather than below is very nice, especially if your players are prone to missing below the dart board, which causes damage to displays traditionally in that space.

The Solar Blast displays MPR (marks per round) on cricket, for those that like some stats, and if you’re looking to improve your game, you can play vs. the computer on 3 difficulty levels. With plenty of games, good scoring accuracy, and nice durability, the Viper Solar Blast is easily the best electronic dart board for big parties! It’s also ideal for those with players that miss more often below the target area, since the score display rests safely above the target.

✅ Up to 16 players? Lightweight poor quality darts
✅ 15.5” durable target area with ultra thin segments? Some complaints of holes being a little too small and causing more bounce outs than other electronic boards
✅ 43 Games, 187 variations? Display screen can a bit bright and glaring
✅ Solo play vs. computer with 3 difficulty levels? The tray for extra dart tips often comes open as you play – may want to tape shut.
✅ 4 Player scoring display? AC power only (no battery option)
✅ Score display above the target area? No internet/app connectivity
✅ Data tracking/statistics? No handicap options

Best Internet &/Or App Connected Electronic Dart Boards

Whether you want an arcade gaming experience through an app on your phone or to play against a friend across town or around the world, these are the best electronic dart boards with internet and/or app connectivity.

Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth – Best Electronic Dart Board for Online & App Play

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If you want to turn your phone, smart TV, or tablet into an incredible arcade experience and have the capability to play people all over the world, then the Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard is the best electronic dart board for you. With this app-drive dart board, you get a great combination of arcade video gaming and live dart experience that’s an absolute blast and completely different from the standard electronic dart boards.

With over a dozen practice games, multiple cricket and 01 game options, party games, online practice and online competitive play (as well as 01 and cricket play against a quality computer AI), you’ll have no shortage of amazing games to try, whether you’re playing an online league or tournament or relaxing with friends and family in the game room at home. As the (free) app updates, the company indicates they will also continue to release more games.

You also can customize your experience quite a bit. You design your own player card and can change up game background images, award videos, and sound. If you want, you can even use a picture from your phone for your game background!

Not only do you get an amazing app experience and internet connectivity, but the Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth is also a quality piece of machinery and surprisingly quiet when darts hit; quieter even than most of our classic/standard best electronic dart boards. It also looks really cool with the colorful LED light track around the edge.

The biggest downsides here are cost (it’s not cheap, BUT it gets you an incredible experience at a fraction of the cost of full on commercial arcade boards), the quality of darts (still not amazing), and that power source is not included. You’ll either need batteries or a separate cable and 2.4 amp charger. Check the listing for specifics on required power/cables as well as to ensure your device is compatible.

✅ Fun, exciting, easy-to-use App driven dart board gives you a full arcade experience at home? Cost – it’s a more expensive board
✅ Tons of games available (and more to come with future app updates)? Included darts are not great quality
✅ Play offline at home OR connect and play with people around the world? No power cable or batteries included
✅ Solo vs. computer game play with great AI programming
✅ Good quality dart board with regulation 15.5” target area and minimal bounce outs
✅ Much quieter than most boards
✅ Looks fantastic
✅ Supports batteries or plug in power
✅ Compatible with many devices: phones, tablets, smart TV (check to be sure yours is on the list)
✅ The app keeps stats for players
✅ Overall very good scoring accuracy
✅ Good customer service and parts available online for repairs if needed beyond warranty date

Gran Board Dash – Best Budget Electronic Dart Board for Online & App Play

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If you love the idea of an app-drive, internet connected, super fun dart gaming experience but don’t want to spend quite as much as the Gran Board 3, the Gran Board Dash is the best electronic dart board for you.

The Dash uses the same app (tons of games, stat tracking, etc.) and is compatible with many phones, tablets, and smart TVs. The Dash is basically the step down version of the Gran Board 3; it’s a more basic board without quite as many features (no colorful LED strip, out sensor, or registering misses, etc.). Also, due to lack of padding, it’s not as quiet as the 3, though it’s still pretty quiet, as electronic dart boards go.

Also, the Dash doesn’t have replacement parts available online the way the Gran Board 3 does, so if you accidentally break something down the line, you may not be able simply to fix it. There do seem to be more complaints of segments popping out and higher bounce rates. Still, if you want an awesome app experience and the ability to play online with others while keeping a very reasonable price tag, the Gran Board Dash might be the best electronic dart board for you!

✅ Fun, exciting, easy-to-use App driven dart board gives you a full arcade experience at home? Battery power only (batteries not included)
✅ Tons of games available (and more to come with future app updates)? Darts aren’t great quality
✅ Play offline at home OR connect online to play with people around the world? Not as quiet as the Gran Board 3
✅ Solo vs. computer game play with great AI programming? Fewer features than the Gran Board 3 (not registering misses is the most common complaint)
✅ Compatible with many devices: phones, tablets, smart TV (check to be sure yours is on the list)? A bit less sturdy hardware: more bounce-outs and some more durability issues than the Gran 3
✅ The app keeps stats for players
✅ Excellent value; less expensive than the Gran Board 3
✅ Regulation 15.5” playing area

DartsLive 200s – Best Arcade Experience without Online Play

Soft Darts Board DARTSLIVE-200S
  • ●Improved Noise Reduction and Easy to stick segments
    Quiet enough for home use. DARTSLIVE-200S is quieter than its predecessor DARTSLIVE-100S.
    Taking the already easy to stick segments of the DARTSLIVE-100S, we have also improved the outer segments.
  • ●DARTSLIVE system on your mobile device or tablet.
    By downloading the DARTSLIVE-200S app, you can load the DARTSLIVE system on your mobile device or tablet.
    Play darts at home as if you were at your favorite DARTSLIVE2 location!
  • ●DARTSLIVE rating calculation
    The first home dartboard with the DARTSLIVE rating system.
    Play darts at home under similar conditions as DARTSLIVE shops.
    Use your mobile device or tablet to track your progress at home.
  • ●Bring the excitement of DARTSLIVE2 into your home!
    Enjoy DARTSLIVE THEME and AWARD MOVIES from your device. Experience home darts DARTSLIVE style.
  • ●New ORIGINAL Games! The DARTSLIVE-200S has new EXCLUSIVE games not featured on DARTSLIVE2. Intensive training mode "CHALLENGE" lets you practice hitting BULL or Triple 20. Game results are displayed clearly on your device, so you can easily track your performance.

If you’re a fan of the DartsLive experience and want that same arcade-style fun in home with a quiet and quality board, then the DartsLive 200s is the best electronic dart board for you. It’s app driven, has lots of games, a challenge/training mode, and has a new ranking system as well. If you love the DartsLive from arcades/bars, this is the board for you.

It’s a pretty quiet board overall (quieter than its predecessor, the 100s) and it’s a high quality, durable board with the regulation 15.5” target area. It’s driven by a very good app experience, available on many phone and tablet devices (check for your specific device), though some users have experienced issues with the Android version of the app. There seem to be fairly few bounce-outs, and it’s easy to hang and start playing.

Though it’s a great quality board, the biggest downsides are cost (it’s the most expensive on the list) and the lack of online play. Many players that want the app/arcade experience are also looking for online play, so it’s important to note that the DartsLive 200s does not have this capability.

The DartsLive 200s is a high-quality electronic dart board that’s great for home play with friends or family and uses an app to create a real arcade experience in your home. If you’re not looking for online capabilities and don’t mind spending the extra for quiet and durability, the DartsLive 200s might be your best electronic dart board!

✅ High quality, quiet, durable board? Android users have reported some minor issues
✅ Brings the DartsLive arcade experience to your home through the app? Not compatible with smart TVs (though you can cast or use screen mirroring from many devices to get it projected on the TV)
✅ Tons of games options? No online capabilities
✅ Training/challenge mode vs. computer? More expensive than many boards
✅ Compatible with many iOS and Android devices
✅ Regulation 15.5” target area

Best Budget Electronic Dart Boards

The options below are our choices for best electronic dart boards on a budget. These won’t have the features or the quality of more expensive boards, but they’ll be a great starting place to learn or test family engagement/enjoyment!

Viper 777 – Best Budget Electronic Dart Board

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard Sport Size Over 40 Games Auto-Scoring LCD Cricket Display Impact-Tough Target for Lasting Durability and Ultra-Thin Spider for Fewer Bounce Outs with Soft Tip Darts, black, one size
  • Top Quality Segments - Regulation-sized 15.5” electronic dart board target area is incredibly durable with precision engineered concave segment holes that lock in your shots
  • Easy-to-Use Display - Simple display makes setup quick and the automatic scoring tracks all of your throws for you
  • 43 Games for up to 8 Players - Includes popular games like 01, Cricket, and more unique variants; with over 320 scoring options and up to 8 player multiplayer
  • Bilingual Voice Option - The Viper 777 can switch between English and Spanish language options
  • Included Accessories - Comes with six starter soft tip darts throw line, and a throw line measuring tape

If you’ve got limited funds but still want the best electronic dart board you can get for your money, the Viper 777 is our budget recommendation. With features of high quality boards, including a regulation 15.5” target face, ultra-thin spider for minimizing bounce-outs, and durable thermal resin segments for a longer-lasting product, the Viper 777 is truly a great bang for your buck.

You’ll have 43 games (and 320 variations/options) to choose from and can play with up to 8 players. Voice features are available in both English and Spanish, and you can also adjust handicaps and make score corrections if needed. (Overall scoring is pretty accurate, but some errors do occur.)

Included are 6 soft-tipped darts and a couple dozen extra tips, but they’re not the highest quality. You can always grab some better darts and tips to further minimize your bounce outs, and, of course, make sure you’re throwing correctly! (See our tips and tricks section for more info)

You’ll need 3 AA batteries or to purchase an external power supply adapter, since one is not included. As with most inexpensive electronic dart boards, the electronics sometimes have issues; check into the warranty at time of purchase to ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong! If you’re tight on funds but still want the best electronic dart board you can buy, the Viper 777 is your best bet.

✅ Excellent value for money? Included darts aren’t great quality
✅ 43 games and 320 variations? Power supply (optional – you can just use batteries) sold separately
✅ 8 players? Voice feature can be hard to understand
✅ Bilingual (English/Spanish) voice features? Display screen is a little dim and harder to read
✅ Ultra thin spider? Some quality control issues with electronics
✅ Durable segments? No internet/app capabilities
✅ 15.5″ target face

Win.Max Electronic Dart Board – Best Budget Bundle

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If you’ve got a little more to spend and want to get more included for your money, the Win.Max is our best electronic dart board bundle on a budget. While you don’t have as many games as the Viper 777 (21 games with 65 variations), you’ll still have plenty to do with up to 8 participants (2 teams of 4). You’ll also still get voice features, though this one isn’t bilingual.

With the Win.Max, you’ll get 12 slightly better quality darts, 40 extra tips, and 12 extra flights, which come in handy as flights are the most often replaced part of a dart (when you’re ready for a real upgrade, check out these best dart flights). While you can opt for using batteries, this bundle does include a power adapter, allowing you to simply plug it into the wall instead.

On the whole, there seem to be fewer quality control issues with the Win.Max: fewer issues of electronic malfunctions or scoring errors. The bounce-out rate stays fairly low, and the customer service tends to be great as well, should you need to reach them. You’ll have a manufacturer’s warranty on this board too; check the listing for all the details.

The target face is only 13.5” here, instead of the regulation 15.5, though. If you’re looking for the best bundle for your money and just want something that works and plays well for the family (and includes better quality starter darts), the Win.Max might just be the best electronic dart board for you!

**You can also get a version of this with a cabinet.**

✅ Up to 8 players? Tips break/bend easily
✅ 21 games with 65 variations? Flights not always securely fitted to darts
✅ 12 included darts of better quality? Display can seem hard to read
✅ 40 extra tips and 12 extra flights? Smaller (13.5”) target area
✅ AC adapter included? No internet/app capabilities
✅ Fewer electronic issues
✅ Accurate score-keeping
✅ Voice features and volume control

Best Electronic Dart Boards with Cabinets

If you’re looking for the best electronic dartboard set with an included cabinet, we’ve got you covered. Many people prefer dart boards with cabinets because they look quite nice, and the cabinet doors provide a little more wall protection for darts that fly awry. While you can always purchase one of the best electronic dart boards from the classic/standard list and purchase a nice cabinet separately, we wanted to include all-in-one options for those interested. These also make very giftable dart board sets.

Fat Cat Mercury- Best Budget Electronic Dart Board with Cabinet

No products found.

If you’re not looking to break the bank but want the added protection and look of a cabinet with your dart board, the Fat Cat Mercury is an excellent choice. Up to 8 players can play 34 games with 183 variations, and the cyber play (solo vs computer) has 5 difficulty levels.

The smaller 13.5” target area is a less ideal, but we love the giant 2-player cricket score display on the inside of the door; it’s very easy to see and read. You can store up to 12 darts on the door interiors, though only 6 come with the set.

The overall quality is a bit lower here, and you may experience more bounce outs; still it’s nice to have the added protection of the doors, especially for younger kids with less consistent aim. As with most boards, you’ll likely not love the darts that come with it, but if you’re just looking for an intro board for the family game room, the Fat Cat Mercury is a great option.

If you’re looking for a more serious, higher quality dart board, check out the classic/standard best electronic dart boards above instead.

(Also, if you want an even less expensive cabinetted option, go for the Fat Cat Electronx; it’s basically the same concept but without the jumbo cricket score.)

✅ Cabinet doors protect walls from errant darts? Included darts aren’t great
✅ Jumbo cricket score screen? Only 6 extra tips included
✅ 8 Players and solo vs. computer play with 5 difficulty levels? Smaller 13.5” target area
✅ 34 Games and 183 variations? Not great for more serious dart players
✅ Storage for 12 darts? No internet/app connectivity
✅ Good intro dart board for a family rec room? Computer opponent seems difficult
✅ 4 Player score board? More bounce outs than other boards

Win.Max Dartboard Set with Cabinet – Best for Gifting

No products found.

Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or as a gift, the Win.Max Dartboard Set with Cabinet is a great recreational electronic dart board that looks nice and comes with everything you need to get started.

Up to 8 players can play 27 games with 195 variations, or you can play solo vs. the computer with 5 difficulty levels of cyber play. The cabinet looks great on the wall and has storage space for 12 darts as well as trays for extra flights and tips.

Unlike the Fat Cat Mercury, you’ll get 12 darts and 40 extra tips, so you’ve got plenty to get started. Yeah, the darts aren’t the best; you might still want to upgrade at some point, but it’s a great starter bundle and perfect for gifting. The target face is the smaller 13.5”, but if you want a great casual rec room board or want to give a fantastic gift for family fun, you can’t beat the value for the money here, making it one of our best electronic dart board cabinet sets and best for gifting.

✅ Great value for money? Display isn’t huge and can be difficult to read, especially at a distance
✅ Wonderful gift? Included darts aren’t high quality
✅ Cabinet looks nice? No internet/app connectivity
✅ 8 Players (and 5 levels of cyber play)? Smaller 13.5” target face
✅ 27 games and 195 variations? Not as high quality a board – not for more serious players
✅ Storage space for 12 darts, extra tips, and flights
✅ Includes 12 darts and 40 extra tips
✅ 4 Player score display above target area (great for players that tend to miss low, which damages scoreboards traditionally below the target area)
✅ Great customer service

Viper Neptune – Best Looking Cabinet Electronic Dart Board

Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro Size Over 55 Games Large Auto-Scoring LCD Cricket Display Extended Dart Catch Area 16 Player Multiplayer with Soft Tip Darts and Power Adapter , 21.5" L x 26.5" W x 3.5" H
  • Top Quality Segments - Regulation-Sized 15.5” Electronic Dart Board Target Area Is Incredibly Durable And Designed To Handle Whatever You Throw At It
  • Built-In Cabinet And Storage - This Soft Tip Dartboard Is Built Directly Into The Cabinet; Sleek Cabinet Doors With Built In Storage Keep Your Setup Organized And Looking Good
  • 57 Games For Up To 16 Players - Includes Popular Games Like 01, Cricket, And More; With Over 300 Scoring Options And Up To 16 Player Multiplayer
  • Extended Display - Larger Display Allows You To Easily Play Specialty Games Like Minnesota And Spanish Cricket

If you want a classy look, the Viper Neptune is your best electronic dart board. Of the three options here, it definitely looks the nicest, and it also has the most games: 57 games and 307 options. You can still play solo against the computer here, with 5 difficulty levels.

Unlike the others, it also can accommodate 16 players and has a 15.5” target face, and with the ultra-thin spider, you’ll have fewer bounce outs. It’s easy to install, looks great, and provides extra protection for your walls.

While the cabinet looks fantastic, it does have less storage, holding only 6 darts. The 6 darts that come with it are still lightweight and not the best, so you might consider upgrading.

Though there are some quality control issues (get in touch with manufacturer and/or Amazon if you have issues), this is overall a good quality board in a great looking package. If you want something that looks super classy hanging on the wall, can handle big parties, and has just SO many games, the Viper Neptune is definitely the best electronic dart board for you.

✅ Looks fantastic and very classy? Some quality control issues with the cabinets
✅ Large 15.5” target area with ultra thin spider for fewer bounce outs? Some users complain of electronic issues (lack of registering darts), so make sure to play within the warranty period to double check
✅ Can have up to 16 players? Included darts aren’t high quality
✅ Tons of games: 57 with 307 variations? No internet/app connectivity
✅ Cyber play with 5 difficulty levels
✅ 4 Player score display

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Cabinet Electronic Dartboard

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If you’re looking for a standing cabinet dart board for the full arcade/bar feel, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard is definitely the best electronic dart board for you. We’ve reviewed the Cricket Pro 650 already, but here’s a quick reminder: it’s not quite as good as our overall best electronic dart board (Cricket Pro 800), but it’s a very good one, just a bit of a step down.

It has the 15.5” target area, 24 games with 132 variations (5 cricket games), 8 players (and solo play with 5 levels against the computer), few bounce outs due to square holes and micro thin segments, a nice 4 player LED score display and tricolor cricket display (2 sets), player handicap feature, and voice prompts

As for the cabinet: it’s a large, black arcade-style standing cabinet with three shelves for gear behind the door with classic Bull Shooter graphics. You’re not getting heavy duty wood here, though; it’s pressed particle board, but most players find this to be sufficiently sturdy, especially considering the price (you’re just not going to get a decent board and a super high end cabinet for this price).

Assembling it might be tricky, especially if you don’t catch that the instructions/assembly manual is in a link on the Amazon page, not in the box itself. The shelves give you plenty of storage space, and it does look nice when all assembled. If you’re worried about the stability, you can always do some DIY reinforcement.

If you’re looking for an arcade feel at home and want a standing cabinet with a quality board without spending a ton of money, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dart Board is the best electronic dart board option.

✅ Quality dart board (see Cricket Pro 650 review for full board specs and pro/con list)? Cabinet is a bit flimsy without DIY reinforcement
✅ Cabinet looks nice? Assembly can be confusing
✅ Shelves provide plenty of space? Likely won’t stand up to lots of moving/rearranging
✅ Great value for money (standing cabinet and nice board)

7 Benefits of Electronic Dart boards

  1. Safety
    Perhaps the biggest benefit of the best electronic dart boards is the safety factor. Electronic dart boards use soft-tipped darts instead of steel-tipped. Soft-tipped darts are much safer, making these best electronic dart boards ideal options for families and kids. Honestly, I prefer the safety of soft-tipped darts even with adults, especially in a party setting

  2. Automatic Scorekeeping
    It’s just so much easier to let the machine handle all the scoring for you, especially with all the different games! Of course, not all boards keep score accurately, which is why we’ve created this best electronic dart board list; you know you’re choosing from the best quality options.

  3. Less Wall Damage
    To be clear, errant soft-tipped darts, if thrown hard enough, can still dent walls; however, the damage is going to be significantly less than what would occur with steel-tipped darts.

  4. So Many Games!
    You may already know a few classic dart games, but with the best electronic dart boards on this list, you’ll have access to dozens of games and hundreds of variations! There are so many fun options, and you don’t have to remember all the rules since the board keeps track of turns and scores.

  5. Accuracy
    With electronic sensors behind a target area covered in precise, tiny holes, you’ll know exactly where a dart landed, and you won’t have to worry about remembering to score doubles or triples. Of course accurate sensors, like the overall scoring systems, aren’t great on all boards; choose from the boards on this best electronic dart boards list for boards with better accuracy!

  6. Easy Multiplayer Options
    Many electronic dart boards accommodate up to 8 players (often in 2 teams of 4), and some even allow up to 16 players. With larger groups, it’s much easier to let the board handle all tracking turns and scoring.

  7. Internet & App Connectivity
    If you’re looking for a board that allows you to play with others around the world or a board that turns your phone, tablet, or TV into the ultimate arcade experience, you’ll need a specialized electronic dart board. For these features, check out the Internet & App Connected category of our best electronic dart boards.

Best Electronic Dart Board Buying Guide: What to Look For

If you’re ready to start shopping for your best electronic dart board but aren’t sure what’s important, we’ll walk you through what to look for before making your purchase.

Number of Players

Some electronic dart boards support only 2 players, while others accommodate 8 players (often in 2 teams of 4), and still others can handle up to 16. Know how many people you want to be able to play before choosing your best electronic dart board.

Thin Segments

Dart boards are divided into sections by the spider. On a traditional dart board, that’s the metal part, whereas on electronic dart boards, it’s often plastic, like the rest of the board. However, unlike traditional boards, electronic dart boards are covered in tiny holes, and the thickness of the segments surrounding the holes plays an important role in bounce-outs.

You’ll hear the term “bounce-out” frequently when looking into dart boards; this refers to when a dart hits the board but bounces out instead of sticking. Lots of bounce-outs lead to a frustrating dart playing experience, so you want a thinner spider and thinner segments around all those tiny holes, giving you more opportunity for your dart to find a hole. Look for terms like “thin,” “micro-thin,” or “ultra-thin” segments/spider as you search for your best electronic dart board

Large Playing Area

It’s always easier to hit a larger target, right? The best electronic dart boards tend to come in two general sizes: 15.5” or 13.5”. Regulation playing field (playing area/target face) for electronic dart boards is considered 15.5 inches, and that extra space is helpful, especially for beginners, casual players, and kids.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the 13.5” options; it’ll just be a bit more challenging. Anything smaller is going to be more a kids toy than a quality dart board. All of our best electronic dart boards have a target area of at least 13.5 inches.

Score Displays

Some boards display only 2 player scores at a time, while others show you 4 simultaneously, making it easier to keep track of larger competitions. Some boards may also have large x/o cricket displays that are easier to read from the toe line (throw line).

Consider also LED vs. LCD displays: LED colors tend to be brighter and easier to read, especially at a distance and may have multiple colors for different players or other game information. LCD displays, on the other hand, tend to be a bit duller and just a touch harder to read from the toe line.

Metrics/Data Tracking

Do you like to know your average score per throw? Do you enjoy keeping stats in your gaming? Then your best electronic dart board might be one that includes some form of data tracking.

Voice Features

Many electronic dart boards have some form of voice prompts, where the board indicates player turns, etc. This helps players stay engaged and keeps the party moving. For those that like a little electronic mockery in the mix, some boards even have a “heckler” feature that’ll pop up on your less-than-amazing throws. Voice features (and volumes/mute options) differ on each of our best electronic dart boards, so know what’s important to you as you search. Some boards also offer bilingual, usually English/Spanish, voice features.

Solo or vs. Computer Play

If you want to improve your game on your own, you might want to consider a board with multiple levels of competition against the computer AI (also called cyber play). Most electronic boards have some solo play options, but not all have challenge modes or competition against the computer designed to help you improve.

App & Internet Connectivity

In the modern era, it’s no surprise that some dart boards connect to your phone, letting you turn your tablet/phone/TV into an arcade, or even allowing you to compete in real time with people around the world. If you want these features, check out the App & Internet category of our best electronic dart boards. You can get a high quality board with some seriously cool tech features.

Power Source

Unlike bristle dart boards, you’ll need to consider the power source when purchasing and hanging your best electronic dart board. Electronic dart boards are either powered by batteries or AC power, and some can function either way.

We recommend using AC power if possible for these best electronic dart boards, as you’ll never have to mess with changing batteries, dulling colors, or electronics dying mid-game. However, that does mean you’ll have to hang it near power.

Not all boards include a power supply; you may have to buy it separately.


One of the best parts of an electronic dart board is the tremendous number of included games, often listed like “34 games and 184 options/variations”, meaning 34 basic games and 184 scoring variations or versions of that game.

We love that with all these best electronic dart boards, you’ll have the chance to learn and play so many different games. Even if you choose a best electronic dart board from this list that has fewer games (it’s always still a lot), you’ll have plenty of variety.

Cricket is one of the most popular dart games, and you might see some boards that boast a certain number of cricket games; you can get an overview of a few of the most popular dart games a few sections below this.


This is a more minor feature (and you may want better external lighting), but some boards do have more built-in lighting, making it helpful if your room is dimmer.


Though we’ve done our best to guide you to the best electronic dart boards, there is always the possibility of some sort of malfunction when electronics are involved. Look into a board’s warranty before purchasing as well.

close up best electronic dart board segments example

Electronic vs. Bristle Dart Boards

Construction & Darts

Electronic dart boards are made of plastic and covered in small holes into which soft tipped darts will fit. Traditional boards are either made from softer woods, which accept the steel-tipped darts nicely, or more modernly, from sisal fiber. Called bristle dart boards, these are used in professional settings, as the sisal material is durable, high quality, and allows for tighter groupings.

Electronic dart boards (with a very few exceptions) use soft-tipped darts and are thus much safer, making them the best choice for families with kids (and pets!) that could accidentally end up on the receiving end of a poorly thrown dart.

Bristle boards are utilized by professional dart players, and they require steel-tipped darts, which are sharper and more dangerous; they also do more damage to walls.

Overall, steel-tipped and soft-tipped darts have the same basic construction. There are multiple barrel shapes and metal choices depending on player preferences. The big differences lie in the overall weight and tip. Soft-tipped darts have a plastic tip and generally weigh between 16-20 grams. Steel-tipped darts have, well, a steel tip that’s sharper and can weigh as much as 50 grams.


Electronic dart boards have more features than their bristle counterparts. They keep score automatically and numerous included games, making it easier for amateur and recreational players to enjoy darts from home. Some electronic boards even allow you to track stats, connect to your phone, or play with friends around the world with scores synced in real time. Check out our Apps & Internet Connected category for your best electronic dart boards with these kinds of features.


Due to their inherent construction (tiny holes to receive the darts), the bounce-out rate is generally higher on electronic dart boards. If you hit the space between the holes, your dart will simply bounce out and hit the ground. This is where those “ultra thin” segments come in handy, as they leave more space for more holes, making your bounce out rate lower. With a bristle board, you have more surface area in which the darts can stick as well as sharper darts.

Of course, you can do a lot to improve your bounce-out rate while using any of these best electronic dart boards; look below for more tips on this.


Also, electronic dart boards can be more expensive, though there’s a range for sure. Granted, your cheapest non-electronic boards are often made of low-quality materials like cork or wound paper, but these are not durable at all, making them only cheap at first since you’ll have to replace them quickly. Bristle dartboards are still generally less expensive than their electronic counterparts, though, due to the fact that sisal is inexpensive to manufacture (comes from the agave plant!).

There is no rotation of the board to worry about with electronic dart boards, though, so once you hand it up, you’re done. Bristle boards need to be rotated for improved longevity.


The actual playing field of regulation bristle boards is 13 ¼” (sometimes listed as 13.5”) whereas the target area of a regulation electronic dart board is considered 15.5”; however, some electronic dart boards are 13-13.5” as well. The smaller boards just mean less surface area to hit, and the larger face on the electronic dart board may help compensate for the inherently lessened dartable surface area.

Best Electronic Dart Board Tips & Tricks

  1. Spend some time learning to throw correctly.
    If you find your bounce out rate is pretty high, consider your throwing technique. It’s worth the time to do some research online; you’ll become more accurate and reduce your bounce-outs. Keep this in mind reading online reviews, too; while bounce-outs are higher on electronic dart boards, how a dart is thrown is critical to reducing them on any board.

    On that note, remember that you need to throw with enough force that the dart hits the board and registers, but know that throwing excessively hard (or from too close and very hard) or using darts too heavy for your board can cause damage to the electronic sensors behind the target area.

  2. Remove darts by twisting
    Twist your darts while gently pulling straight out to free them from their holes. Avoid pushing into the dartboard while you remove the dart. Don’t brace your hand on any part of the playing field, as you might trigger a score, and excess pressure can damage the sensors. Make sure you don’t pull a dart out at a sharp angle, as that can more quickly bend or break the tips.

  3. Buy better darts
    If you’re dissatisfied with the darts that come with your chosen best electronic dart board (very common), you can purchase better quality ones with more weight/heft and different body shapes. You can also bey better dart flights to improve your dart game. Just make sure what you choose is still compatible with your board (soft tipped, correct tip size, not darts too heavy that might damage the board).

  4. Keep extra tips on hand
    One of the more common complaints with soft tipped darts is that they bend or break more quickly; remove them correctly to minimize this, but keeping extra tips on hand is always a good idea. Many of the best electronic dart boards on this list even have space to store extras within the board or cabinet.

  5. Extra flights won’t hurt either
    You can also purchase new and better flights (the wings on the back end of the dart) if you find the ones that came with your board don’t seem as sturdy or long-lasting.

  6. Shared walls can be loud
    Consider carefully where you’re going to hang your board, as playing darts isn’t the quietest of activities. Shared walls, especially in apartments, might be places to avoid. You may also consider looking for a quieter board (like the Gran Board 3 or DartsLive board), and some players like to add cork or other backing behind the board to dampen sounds.

    We recommend hanging boards as instructed by the manufacturer, but if you want to add something extra, do so carefully (and with research) to make sure your board still hangs properly and safely!

Best Electronic Dart Board FAQ

How much does an electronic dart board cost?

For an electronic dart board of any quality, we think the lowest you can expect to spend is generally somewhere around the $50 mark, and depending on their features, construction, cabinets, and quality of electronic components, costs can go upwards above $300.

We’ve got a few best electronic dart board choices on a budget that are still quality boards, and if you can’t swing those, the Fat Cat 727 costs even less, but it’s inherently got more issues, from durability to accuracy to consistent electronics functionality. It didn’t make the best electronic dart board list for good reason, but you could consider it a limited budget runner-up.

Can I use any type of dart in an electronic dart board?

For the most part, you can only use soft-tipped darts. These are designed to fit into the holes of the electronic dart board. Steel-tipped darts, intended for wooden or bristle boards, can quickly damage your electronic dart board and cause more damage to walls and people, making them less safe for family game rooms.

However, there are some electronic boards on which you can use either soft or steel tipped darts; just keep in mind, all safety and wall-protecting benefits of soft-tipped darts will be eliminated if you choose to use steel-tipped. You’ll have to be sure you choose a dartboard with this option, if you want to use steel-tipped or want to switch between the two. The Bullshooter E-Bristle 1000 is one such option, but honestly, we just don’t recommend these boards.

Soft tipped darts just won’t work as well in the bristle board; the steel tipped do better, of course, but there seem to be more malfunctions in these hybrid boards as well. For all these reasons, you’ll only see soft-tipped dart boards on our list of best electronic dart boards.

How do I choose the best electronic dart board?

Remember, you want to choose the best electronic dart board for you, so the first thing to do is consider who will use the board and how. Are you playing with family and friends just for fun? Are you an amateur dart thrower wanting to improve your game but also save your walls? Do you throw parties and need a board that handles lots of players? Go through the buying guide above to learn the basics, and know what your most important criteria are when browsing our list of best electronic dart boards.

Next, consider things like budget (acknowledging that you’re really not going to get anything worthwhile under $50 or so), features, included games, and appearance. If you’ve got a classy bar vibe going on, you might want a more classic looking board and cabinet to match your style instead of a bright, multicolored version hanging on the wall looking all sorts of out of place

How high should you hang an electronic dart board?

Hang your best electronic dart board at the same height as a bristle dartboard: 5 feet, 8 inches from the ground to the center of the bullseye.

How far back do you stand to throw?

Stand a little farther back than you would for a bristle board. For electronic dartboards, you’ll usually stand 8 feet back from the board.

Are there non-electronic soft-tipped dart boards?

Yes; if you’re interested in the safety aspect but don’t really care about the games, scoring, or other features, you can get a safety dart board for very little. These have a different overall construction but could be an inexpensive alternative to an electronic dart board for kids’ rooms, for example.

Common Popular Dart Games

When you’re looking for the best electronic dart board, you want game options; after all, that’s the whole point, but it can seem overwhelming. Let’s break down a few common games you might see:


Traditional Cricket involves trying to hit the 15-20 segments and the bullseye three times each to “close out” each number. Hitting other numbers does nothing; hitting the outer ring of a number (a double) counts for two, and hitting the inner ring (a triple) counts for three.

The first player/team to close out 15-20 + bullseye wins! Some boards include cricket variations, like Scram and Bowlers and Batters, where the rules/objectives change up a bit.

01 Games

In this category, 301 and 501 are the common varieties: you’ll start with the titular score (301 or 501) and work your way down to zero, removing the number you hit each throw. All numbers are in play in this game, and the first to zero wins.

There are some additional rules in these games too (Straight In, Doubling Out, etc.) as well as other variations (701, 901, 1101, 1501) that you can learn and play with many of the best electronic dart boards too.

Around the World

Your goal is to work your way around the board in ascending numerical order; instead of aiming for anything, you have to hit the next number in order, forcing you to aim at specific spots on the board. Variations include adding the bullseye, or requiring doubles or triples


You’ll want the most points each round here. Every player starts with 3 “legs.” Player 1 throws 3 darts for his/her score; then player 2 must score the same or greater not to lose a leg. If Player 2 shoots less, he/she loses a leg, but then Player 3 must match or exceed Player 2’s score, even though it was lower than that of Player 1. It’s all about shooting higher than the person before you. Last one with a leg to stand on wins!


You play this game over 7 innings, trying to score as many points each inning with your 3 darts. In each inning, you can only gain points by hitting the appropriate number 1-7 (1st inning, you have to hit 1, 2nd inning you have to shoot at 2, etc.). Doubles and triples of the appropriate number still count for double/triple the points.

Win by having the most points at the end of  innings or by scoring a “Shanghai” (hitting a single, double and triple of the given number) in any single inning.


This one is interesting; you’ll start by throwing a dart with your non-dominant hand, choosing a random number for yourself. Then, you’ll have to try to hit a double of your number to become a “killer.” Once you’ve done that, your goal is to “kill” your opponents by hitting doubles of their numbers. Each player gets three lives, and the last player standing wins!

Of course, there are many, MANY more games out there and included in these best electronic dart boards, but hopefully this gives you an idea of some of the great variety of games available! You can also always play simply for a high score too, but we think it’s fun to learn and play new games!

Final Thoughts on Best Electronic Dart Boards

Whether you’re looking to spice up the family rec room, update the man cave, or start a new office activity, we hope you’ve found the best electronic dart board for your needs and budget! Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Do you have more dart questions we can answer for you? Let us know!

We’ll leave you here with our favorite picks for overall best electronic dart board, our recommendation for best online and app electronic dart board, as well as our best electronic dart board gift bundle!

Our Favorite Best Electronic Dart Boards!

Overall Best Electronic Dart Board

Sale Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Segment Dividers for Reduced Bounce-Outs and NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability - Available with Optional Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Best App & Online Play

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Best Budget Electronic Dart Board

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard Sport Size Over 40 Games Auto-Scoring LCD Cricket Display Impact-Tough Target for Lasting Durability and Ultra-Thin Spider for Fewer Bounce Outs with Soft Tip Darts, black, one size

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